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504 Plans, Accommodations, Evaluations: Q and A

By on February 26, 2016

QUESTION: My adopted son is 8 years old and in the third grade. He has been diagnosed with ADHD and he was a drug baby. He just got a 504 plan, but he has failing grades and I think he

Developmental Disabilities, Special Ed, and Retention: Q and A Part II

By on February 26, 2016

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your input. I am the one who wants Tyler retained, not the school. I really think he is not ready to be in the 5th grade, so it could be advantageous for him to

Developmental Disabilities, Special Ed, and Retention: Q and A Part I

By on February 26, 2016

QUESTION: My son Tyler is developmentally delayed with ADD and High-Functioning Autism. He was retained in the first grade. Now that he is in the 4th grade, his progress in school is minimal. He is in a regular class only

How to Crack a School Community: 13 Basic Ideas

By on February 14, 2016

1. Attend school programs and events, and introduce yourself to the teachers and administrators. 2. Join the PTA and attend meetings whenever possible. Introduce yourself to the other parents. Participate in projects and events. 3. Learn the names of all

Who to Contact

By on February 13, 2016

One of the most frustrating things about navigating public school is figuring out who to contact about different problems and concerns. Who can help with a bus issue? Who should you call if your child has chicken pox? What if

NASP Conference Handout: Practical Ways to Involve and Empower Marginalized Parents

By on February 11, 2016

PC023 February 10, 2016 Alice Wellborn In a recent nationwide poll, 88% of teachers identified poverty as a major roadblock to effective public education. Top concerns included behavior problems, chronic absenteeism, and student health issues (Communities in Schools, 2015). Family

Civil Rights in Schools: Part Two

By on February 6, 2016

Last time we looked at an overview of the federal civil rights laws that apply to schools, colleges, and universities that accept federal money. Let’s get more specific. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on

Civil Rights in Schools: Part One

By on February 6, 2016

Many parents forget that several federal civil rights laws apply specifically to schools, colleges, and universities. The Office of Civil Rights (OCR), an arm of the U.S. Department of Education, is the agency responsible for enforcing federal civil rights laws